We are hosting a Charity Fundraiser Creative Workshopat Balanced Life Experience!

$5 from each ticket sale will be split between Save a Dog Network Canada and Rescue Siamese!

Please come out and support these wonderful rescuesand have a great time with friends!

Healing Ourselves and The Power of Art

Saturday, October 13th at Balanced Life Experience
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.
Eleanor Brownn

Do you find you are constantly striving for that feeling of being in balance? Our society can be so demanding on our time and energy a constant draining occurs. It is challenging to pause, to slow down, to allow ourselves time to do the things we truly LOVE to keep our cups filled up and prevent burnout.

I am honoured to present this healing workshop here on Treaty 1 Territory, at the Balanced Life Experience. All welcome! Join in on a unique, fun, interesting, hands-on experience that is about taking care of YOU. Participants will begin with a smudge with sage and learn more about this sacred medicine and the how and why of this ancient cleansing practice. We will discover the critical importance of regular self-care, we will engage in self-reflection (what is important to YOU?), and will learn some new tools to draw from as you create a personal, unique list of ideas related to your health and wellness.
We will talk about healing from a traditional perspective and will take a look at the Medicine Wheel as a visual way to check in - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually - exploring a powerful way to visualize finding that balance we all strive for.

As a participant in this workshop, you will learn about the many health benefits of spending time being creative. We will then be led through the creation of a unique painting with plenty of guidance and options to make your painting your own. Painters will use a variety of tools to achieve different effects with paint, and will be encouraged to follow intuition as they paint.
The hope is that this piece of art will be full of symbolism and energy that we will paint right into our art to serve as a visual reminder to slow down and take time to do those things that fill your cup. Aprons provided and an upbeat music soundtrack - we will nurture our spirit as we experience the feeling of flow, connection to spirit, and the healing power of art!

You will come away feeling relaxed, creative, full-cup, and more importantly, we will feel motivated to take regular action on your own self-care so that you are better able to maintain your inner fire, to have courage to take action, and to bring good energy with you everywhere you go.

Kisa MacIsaac is a Mtis mother of three children, a life-long artist, a workshop facilitator, an Early Childhood Educator, and lover of nature and the outdoors. She is trained as an Ethics Guide with MCCA and has been guiding Ethics workshop since 2008, and has been leading self-care painting workshops since 2015. It was early 2015 when Kisa learned about healing from a traditional Indigenous perspective, from Janet Fox (Mahkesis Consulting). Kisa acknowledges that this workshop does not belong to her it is adapted from these teachings with enthusiastic blessings from Janet, and also incorporates teachings and research from many others!
The idea for creating this workshop came about with a seed the idea that being creative is one way to help feel in balance. Shortly after this realization, along with facilitating a painting workshop for the first time - this workshop was developed, and her business was born shortly after: Power of Painting Workshops and Art by Kisa.

Cost $25
$5 from each ticket will go to Save a Dog Network Canada/Rescue Siamese

Etransfer accepted.

Please send EMT to powerofpainting204@gmail.com to reserve your spot! Password - healing